Inspired by the Atacama Desert’s majestic canopy of sky and mystical landscapes, Kunza Spa offers a gateway to a world of unique pleasures.

Step inside and immerse yourself in a truly unique experience. Simple yet wonderfully profound, this luxury oasis draws upon the desert’s stillness, peace and tranquility to create a journey to total balance and peace of mind.

After a day of hiking or biking, an escape to Kunza Spa is the perfect reward. Enjoy a massage or treatment, or just relax on the outdoor terrace overlooking the desert landscape and volcanoes beyond.

Spa Features Include:

  • Five Private Treatment Rooms
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Three Outdoor Pools
  • Two Outdoor Jacuzzis
  • Two Saunas
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Day Spa Program

Kunza Spa Contact & Hours:

Phone: (56) 055 - 285-13-25
Spa Annex: 5504
Hours: from 9:00 to 22:00


Spa therapies

Therapeutic Massages

Relaxation Massage

30’ USD 55 back
45’ USD 67 back and legs
60’ USD 90 complete body

Combination of manual techniques that help smooth skin surface and relax the body providing welfare, this therapy is supplemented with essential oils achieving a state of harmony.

Hot Stone Massage

60’ USD 90

Relaxation massage with hot volcanic stones and essential aromas, working on energetic points, leaving the body in balance and deep relaxation.

Tired Legs Massage

35’ USD 63

Circulatory massage with relaxation techniques, promotes venous return and eliminates toxins from physical activity, leaving a sensation of welfare and lightness.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 ' USD 63 back
45’ USD 76 back and legs
60’ USD 104 complete body

Deep massage with more pressure in back and base of neck and elongation maneuvers, releases muscular tension, fatigue and stress, producing physical well-being.

Lymphatic Drainage

30’ USD 63
60’ USD 90

Therapeutic method that clears, releases and direct the flow of lymph, releases stress and muscle tension, is slow, safe, natural and painless. It is recommended for pregnancy period.

Balines Massage

60’ USD 90

Massage practiced on whole body obtaining different effects, in back eliminates tensions, breast and belly opens energetic channels, it drains on feet and legs, relaxes muscles and provides a complete body comfort.

Massaje Thai

60´USD 90

Deep stretching and elongation treatment with Yoga asanas. Performed on a mat or tatami where the receptor is bare footed and dressed with comfortable clothes.

Express Massage

15' USD 22

Chair massage for body relaxation with pressure and stretching maneuvers.

Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian massage)

60 ' USD 90

One of the deepest body massages, its objective is to obtain a complete body harmony. It is performed basically with forearms, it helps with stress and depression, it enhances lymphatic circulation, stretching muscles and mobilizing articulations.

Facial Treatments

Kunza Treatment

60’ USD 90

Treatment with Chañar honey (native fruit of the area), repairs damage caused by sunlight. Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. Facial cleansing + exfoliation + moisturizing ampoule + Chañar honey mask + hydrating cream.

Deep Moisturizing Treatment

60’ USD 90

Soft and deep moisturizing treatment, recommended for dry and dehydrated skins, facial cleansing + hydrating lotion + exfoliation + ampoule + hydrating mask + hydro-active fluid.

Facial Cleansing

45' USD 71

Treatment to clean and remove skin impurities, activates cell regeneration, restoring its natural sheen, Cleansing milk + hydrating / astringent lotion + exfoliation + pimple softener + hydrating cream.

Treatment ANTI-AGE

60 ' USD 104

Treatment especially focused on mature skin exfoliation.Limpieza facial mask application of hyaluronic acid and collagen that slows aging accelerating cell metabolism, revitalizes and regenerates the skin tissue fatigued eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

Aesthetic Treatments

Dead Sea Body Treatment

90’ USD 104

Treatment with minerals from Dead Sea , renews and tones skin that turns soft , hydrated and firm, Sauna 15’ + exfoliation with Dead Sea salt + mud mask + Dead Sea nourishing lotion + massage.

Kunza Body Treatment

70’ USD 94

Chañar honey wrapping (native fruit from the area), moisturizes and restores skin natural sheen, Sauna 15´+ exfoliation + Chañar honey mask + moisturizing lotion.